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The onset of a toothache can be so painful that you think you will go mad if the pain does not stop. What can start up as a slightly annoying and sensitive tooth can flare up to a full dental emergency in a few hours. You can be sure that your dentist will not have any free appointments immediately so you have to sit out the pain until they can solve the problem.

Most toothache problems create swelling and sensitivity to cold and heat. So not only can you not chew any food because of the pain. You can’t eat anything that is very cold or very hot. So the misery is further increased by the fact you can’t even comfort eat to help.

The medicine cupboard will give you the standard pain relievers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen. Relief for toothache can be found using these tablets but many people find that they do not work completely and much of the pain remains.

Relief For Toothache With Alcohol – 2 Methods

One home remedy that can help is with whiskey or brandy. This might seem a bit extreme but I am not recommending that you try to get drunk while you have your toothache. In fact you most certainly should not actually drink any of the alcohol as it will not mix well with the painkillers you are taking.

The main way to use the alcohol is by dabbing it on both sides of the bad tooth using your finger. You can also use a cloth impregnated with the brandy and put this cloth between the gums and the inside of the cheek. This can numb a wider area that simply dabbing on the tooth and in severe cases can help when the pain is more general rather than focused in one small area such as a single tooth.

The second way to use whiskey and brandy as relief for toothache is as a mouthwash. This can be quite hard to do as these drinks are very strong and they seem to be burning the inside of your mouth when you swish it around. But 30 seconds of mouthwash with a strong spirit will bring relief to your mouth.

You must not drink the alcohol as this will not help with the pain. When you dentist can see you, you need to be able to use any drugs … More


The dental industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country today. Because of this fast growth and popularity, it is also opening up many job opportunities as well. A dental assistant is one of those opportunities that anyone can work without having to go through all of the schooling that a dentist has to go through. Here is a brief article detailing the dental assistant and their roles in a dental office.

The primary job of a dental assistant is to help the dentist perform his procedures. This could be anything from helping the dentist with major dental work to arranging files and paperwork in the office. Whatever it is the dentist needs you to do to help with their day that is what you will have to do.

Primarily, these individuals can be expected to prep patients before they are seen by the dentist. As a dental assistant you will also likely have to make sure that all of the dental instruments are clean, sterile and in working condition. Then once the dentist is ready to perform a professional teeth cleaning, you will need to stand around and hand the dentist the proper instruments as he or she calls for them.

Another basic function that comes with this job is filing paper work and giving instructions to the patient before and after they are seen by the dentist. This includes checking the patient in and arranging a follow up visit or taking appointments as needed.

The also usually deal with sales associates and order dental equipment and supplies. This means ordering simple items that need to be stocked like toothbrushes, mouthwash, fluoride, and dental floss. It also requires keeping the more expensive instruments up to date and ordering things like water picks and electric brushes, drills and other high-tech instruments. Everything will have to first be approved by the dentist of course.

These are just a few of the basic functions that come with the job. There may be many more duties you will have to perform depending on what the dentist needs you to do.

In order to work for a dentist as their assistant, you will first need to get an accredited degree. This varies from state to state, but there are schools that offer associates degrees for people that want to work in this field. Then, because there is such a high … More


When it comes to planning for the future, the most important thing that is always near the top of the list is your insurance plans, right? Well, when it comes to your orthodontic care, you might be a little reluctant to spend as much as you do on health insurance. So what do you do then? You look for affordable dental insurance!

If the whole process of looking for a good and secure dental company at a low cost is new to you then this can be quite a guide. The best way to score a good policy would be by getting a recommendation. If you don’t get anything you’re satisfied with from friends or relatives then pay a visit to your family dentist and see if they can recommend something for you.

If recommendations don’t work out for you then fret not as there are other ways. Get on the internet and start searching for dental insurance providers and you’ll come across too many to handle. So instead of jumping on the first attractive package you see, take some time to note all the affordable ones down and make a little table stating all the cost and benefits that comes with each company and from there you can pick the one that suits you best.

Also, when it comes to making final decisions, you must be aware of hidden cost and all the added fees in the payment structures as they are not always stated directly. So make appointments to meet the agents of the various companies and don’t put your signature down on anything until you’ve discussed the plan thoroughly. Ask as many questions as you need and get all your answers before you finally make the big decision.

Once you’ve got your dental insurance in the bag, sit back, relax and live in your financial security.


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If you are like many others that are suffering with stained teeth and want to have a "celebrity smile" you may be all to quick in buying that product you come across that promises a quick fix treatment. Alta White is a revolutionary new product on the market that is selling fast but before you jump strait in with your hard earned money you need to decide if this is the product for you.

Alta White is a patented formula that begins washing away coffee, tea and other hard-to-remove stains after only one use!

A unique 2-step process is so simple:

  • Moisten the applicator wand and dip in the Alta Tooth Whitening Powder
  • Apply the powder to your teeth

Many of you have probably heard a lot of criticism about products that claim to whiten teeth. Some products cause gum irritation, others have been taken off the market due to the danger they posed to eye health and still others can cause temporary or permanent weakening of the tooth enamel.

Alta White is different; the unique 2-step process releases free oxygen to oxidize and lift organic stains away from teeth. The product will start to reveal brighter, whiter smile you have always wanted within 6 days.

There are many tooth whitening products on the market and it's hard to know the truth from the scams, now there is no need to worry as Alta White are offering a risk free trial. Check out the reviews and see for your self.


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I read somewhere that teeth whitening became mainstream, and part of pop culture when it was featured on the popular "Seinfeld" TV show in the 1990s. Of course, once we see something on television it sparks our interest to find out more.

We can not really call Teeth Whitening a trend that may come and go, because decades later it's still popular all over the world and growing strong, even in these tough economic times. It's almost become a staple in our mainstream culture as part of our beautifying ritual. People want to feel good about the way they look, as vain as they may sound and it's the small things that can sometimes make the biggest difference.

Society has seemed to establish that we are not going to stop drinking coffee, wine, or tea, eating dark chocolate or even smoking if that's your vice because it stains our teeth. Instead, we expect a great product to reverse their effects fast and safely with no side effects.

Many of us also suffer from teeth discolorations due to aging, extended use of medication, or from the natural build-up of organic pigments in addition to certain types of foods and drinks. We know we can not stop the aging process, but we can certainly look like we've put up a good fight. Whiter teeth can make us look years younger.

The process of finding the best teeth whitening method can be overwhelming. The bottom line is when it comes to whitening teeth, the key is to achieve a whiter smile that you and others will notice, while still noticing you.

The number of teeth whitening products available on the market today can be judged by how well they work, comfort, how easy they are to use, and the degree to which they brighten teeth. In the end, you have to go with what you are most comfortable. Be sure to keep these questions in mind as well before before making your purchase. Where's the company located? How are they being made? What's the quality? What's the safest, most cost-effective product that will give you natural results? How strong is the gel?

I've compiled well-known various methods. The basic teeth whitening kits and products offered can be separated into seven categories; professional strength tray bathing systems, boil and bite tray bleaching systems, non-moldable tray bleaching systems, whitening strips, whitening sprays, brush-on gels, … More


Who would not want to look and feel young and healthy for just a few years longer? From moisturizing creams to nail polish the list of beauty products is long. Tooth whitening is just a small piece of the puzzle. At-home whitening products make a whiter smile possible for many of us. People who else can not afford expensive dentist visits can whiten their teeth for a little more than a haircut.

But there is a big difference between tooth bleaching kits and other cosmetic products. Teeth do not heal. No matter how many times we hear – "Teeth whitening is safe" – we remain cautious. That is why health conscious men and women spend more time learning about different teeth whitening options. The reward is a brighter smile; the tools are powerful bleaching chemicals. However more whitening power usually means higher risks. Life is a balancing act and tooth bleaching is no different.

The goal is to find a happy compromise; a product that provides sufficient whitening power and ensures safety at the same time. Balancing whitening power with safety is not an easy task. There are many things to consider. Oral health is the first and probably the most important factor. Individuals with less than perfect dental health should take less risk. It can mean less powerful whitening gels or a visit to the dentist. Teeth whitening strips are less effective but are considered safer than tray based whitening methods.

However there is good news to those who want maximum safety. When it comes to tooth whitening time can substitute power. In other words the same whitening results can be achieved with less powerful gels and longer application times.

The following is a list of at-home teeth whitening methods starting with the safest option:

  • Whitening toothpaste
  • Tooth whitening strips
  • Custom fit whitening trays with low concentration gel
  • Thermoform whitening trays with low concentration gel
  • Custom fit trays with high concentration gel
  • Thermoform trays with high concentration gel


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If you are in the military, your insurance will cover dental care. This coverage will be assured during the time when you are still in active service. For some in active service, that may be in real need of excess dental care for their family members, a supplemental dental insurance coverage can be made. Actually, this is not a common occurrence among most military personnel as the coverage they get to cover the cost of their family's dental care are usually more than enough to cover their family needs

Retirement from the military will make you to reconsider getting a supplemental dental insurance coverage for your family. This is most especially true to some military men who retired with teenage sons and daughters. Since retirement in the military service is a little bit early as compared to other branches of the government, it would be necessary that a supplementary insurance for dental care of your family will have to be made.

And if you are one of those who have decided to leave the military early for civil life, you would have to reexamine your insurance coverage and consider all the possible needs that your family might have in the near future. An example will be if there is a need for the teeth of your son or daughter to be subordinated to a growth correction with the use of dental braces.

As you will know, dental braces are now quite expensive, away from the dental service that goes with it. This is more particularly true now, since there seems to be a fad among the youngger generation to have dental braces. Because of these growing demands for dental braces, the cost and service in the installation of these braces have skyrocketed that without the required insurance coverage, you will be hard put to pay for them.

In looking for supplementary dental insurance outside of the military service, you have to be careful because of the proliferation of many insurance scams that are going on today. To be sure, do not insure yourself through agents. Visit an insurance company near your place if any, and ask them if they have supplementary dental insurance offerings.

If you want you can first visit the websites of insurance companies and look for supplementary dental insurance offers. You can find complete listings of supplementary insurance offerings in most sites of insurance companies, complete … More


We all want the perfect smile. Your smile says a lot about you. And so do your teeth. And so we do our best to take great care of our teeth. We brush twice a day. We use mouthwash to keep bacteria from forming on our gums. We even try to monitor our diet so that it will be "tooth friendly" and we do not eat too much sugary when we're unable to brush our teeth afterwards. But no matter how hard we brush our teeth- no matter how hard the bristles of our toothbrush are or how aggressive and dense we are, tooth brushing alone will not clean between our teeth. Flossing is an essential part of proper dental hygiene. But how to do it? Maybe you've had bad experiences flossing and caused your gums to bleed. Maybe you never find anything between your teeth so you think it's pointless. Well you're wrong. It's not pointless. It's important! And so let's discuss some of the proper techniques behind flossing properly.

Some dentists have suggested that if you were to toss our toothbrush and floss properly, once or twice every day, you would achieve better dental health than brushing alone three, five or eight times a day. Learning the proper ways to floss takes time and patience. Some dentists will show you how to floss at your biannual check-up. Some dentists charge for flossing lessons. But you will find that it will be the best dental health expense you ever pay.

Your choice of dental floss is a largely a personal one. There are two major options: waxed or weaved floss. Lightly waxed floss works for most people. But if you find that the floss shreds between your teeth, you may want to try a more waxed floss or weaved floss (or try a higher quality brand of lightly waxed floss). If you have difficulty threading the floss through your teeth, try a coated, or weaved, floss, such as Glide.

Let's go through the process step-by-step.

1. Wind about 18 "of floss around your two index or middle fingers, or thumbs. This will depend on which combination you find to be most comfortable and the easiest to maneuver.
2. Gently (and that's the key!) Guide the floss between teeth, removing plaque and debris by moving the floss up and down against each tooth.
3. When the floss reaches the … More


Myth 1 – Teeth Whitening ruins your tooth enamel

Not generally true! Professional Teeth Whitening product suppliers mostly use Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide as the active ingredients in their tooth whitener gels. The chemical hydrogen peroxide (HO) is a bleaching agent which converts into water (HO) and releases an Oxygen molecule (O) in the process of the chemical reaction. Both Water and Oxygen are common, safe components of our everyday lives.

The Oxygen particles penetrate the rough surface of your tooth (even though they appear smooth, they are microscopically rough, rod like crystal structures) and dislodge staining particles. I like to explain this by imagining the TV commercials which show how a clothes washing powder with oxygen lifts stains from your clothing.

The "bleach" Hydrogen Peroxide is not the same as household bleach containing ammonia, or other low-end, acid based tooth whitening products, and can be swallowed, within limits. In fact our own bodies produce Hydrogen Peroxide naturally!

Acidic products can remove enamel from your teeth. Look for teeth whitening products using Hydrogen Peroxide which is pH balanced, meaning they have no, or low acid levels. Putting acidity into perspective, you should be aware that everyday Orange Juice is shown in lab studies to soften (and potentially erode) tooth enamel by many times more than a professional hydrogen peroxide based tooth whitening gel could, if used correctly.

Myth 2 – Teeth Whitening is not Safe

Not true! Cosmetic Teeth Bleaching with Hydrogen Peroxide has been in use for 100 years. Most recognized dental bodies worldwide endorse tooth bleaching as a generally safe practice, when simple safety steps are followed. Any professional supplier of teeth whitening products will include adequate instructions for the safe use of their product.

Safety vs Risk with tooth whitening is generally centred on 2 main issues: Exposure of the gel to the gums and soft tissue of the mouth or lips, and tooth sensitivity. Both can be minimized by using professional products and minimizing the amount of time the bleaching gel is exposed to the gums or teeth.

As with any cosmetic procedure, there are potential risks. Thankfully with professional teeth whitening any side effects experienced are temporary and are not permanent. As with most cosmetic procedures, you may have to end some discomfort to look better. Sometimes I call this "Vain Pain".

Myth 3 – All whitening Gel is the same

Not true! … More


There are many dental cover providers in the United States, some traditionally offer coverage to outside agencies and some including individual dental insurance coverage plans. In this article, we will look at some of the largest and sometimes well known health insurance providers.

Delta Dental is a large nationally known insurance provider. Delta Dental touts itself as the largest and most recognized dental coverage provider. It was founded in 1954 by dentists who identified the lack of dental cover and decided to do something about it. Delta Dental consists of over 39 independent insurance companies who provide dental insurance in all fifty states and Puerto Rico. Delta Dental boasts of membership reaching 54 million Americans in one of their covered companies. Delta Dental is proud of its commitment to providing at least one quarter of all Americans with good, quality dental insurance coverage. In fact, Delta Dental has partnered with the American Association of Retired Persons, to provide dental insurance coverage to senior citizens who maintain a membership with the American Association of Retired Persons. This provides coverage with a population of individuals who experience a gap in dental coverage when they retire from employment.

Aetna is also a widely known dental cover provider. Aetna is famous not only for its dental coverage but also for its other health insurance plans. Aetna is a common carrier for many organizations and companies in the United States. Aetna has over 60,000 dentists in its provider directory so odds are that you will be able to find a dentist in your specific coverage area.

Assurant is another national dental cover provider. Assurant has a reputation for fast payments to the dentist, and for providing excellent customer service. Met Life, most known for its life insurance coverage is also a dental insurance provider. Perhaps not as well known, however there are companies in the United States that use Met Life as their dental cover provider. Employees do not get the opportunity to choose their own dental insurance providers when the coverage is offered through their employer. However, if your employer does not offer coverage to you, you may be interested in dental insurance providers who offer the ability to customize a dental plan just for you and / or your family.

Having the ability to offer dental coverage is not a given for all organizations, companies or agencies in the United States. Many … More